Our government in Washington has been bought by big money interests. Elizabeth Warren advocates for big structural changes to return some of that wealth to the rest of us.

Picture a big bin of grain, filled to the very top. This is the wealth that the top .01% of the country is sitting on. Now visualize the over spill of a few kernels all around the base of the bin. That is the money that all the rest of us have to meet our expenses. Elizabeth wants to skim two inches off the top of the big bin, called a wealth tax. In order to belong to that big bin group, you would have to have at least $50 million. This two inches would be enough to fund health insurance for all Americans, make college education free, forgive college student loan debt, provide free daycare for working parents, etc.

The stock market may be booming, but most Iowans are living paycheck to paycheck. The working class is stagnating without a future.

We need big, structural change. We need Democratic majorities in the House and Senate to pass President Elizabeth Warren’s plans. Caucus for her and vote for her. The rich may have all the money, but we have the votes!