I am writing in response to Ms. Bellman’s letter published on Oct. 3.

Our country is not becoming a secular nation. It was born one. Read the First Amendment. Our government is not allowed to support any specific religious system because, by doing so, it denies that support and protection to others. Ours is not supposed to be a Christian nation. It is supposed to be a nation that allows all forms of religious practice as long as they respect the beliefs of others and do not endanger the lives and liberties of others.


That said, the fact that a person who was nominated to the Supreme Court is Catholic should have no bearing on whether she is elevated to that esteemed office. On the other hand, her judicial record and clearly expressed opinions regarding legal issues is an obvious and necessary part of her Senate approval hearings. That is the reason for those hearings.

As a side note, the pledge of allegiance, written in 1892 and adopted in 1942 did not include “under God” until 1954 when it was added to establish a clear contrast to the “Godlessness of communism.”