Now more than ever there seems to be much discussion about abortion. Lately there is a false claim that being pro-life is not pro-life but pro-birth, meaning that we who are pro-life only care that the pregnant mother give birth and then do not support the new mother and her child after birth. That is completely unfounded and false!

There are many crisis pregnancy centers in cities across the United States who care about pregnant mothers before and after she gives birth. In Dubuque, we have six agencies that support these women while pregnant so they can give birth with dignity and totally support her after the birth to assure that they have a secure, healthy future for their newborn. These agencies help with anything they might need including food, clothing, child care, education, a safe place to live and counseling if needed. They will contact an adoption agency if the new mother wants that option. There are many infertile couples who are desperate to experience the joy of a baby to love and raise in their home.


Without question, there are many societal failures in our country but abortion is an intrinsic evil that has permeated our lives. All lives from conception until natural death are precious. Have we lost the value of human life? How can we expect God to bless our country when 62 million babies have lost their lives since 1973! May God forgive and have mercy on our country!