To Dubuquers who care about the Driftless Area:

A massive threat, the Cardinal-Hickory line, is steamrolling toward us from the northeast. It will destroy a wide swath of the Upper Mississippi River National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. For living creatures who share our natural world, the outcome will be terrible.

Like David fighting Goliath — with bravery but little hope — our friends in Wisconsin have been struggling against this evil. They fight a corrupt energy industry that seeks to damage the beautiful Driftless Area for the sake of profit.

This huge powerline will cross the Mississippi River at Cassville. If you’ve ever ridden the Cassville ferry, boated upriver from Dubuque, or hiked near the Turkey River, you’ll know the spot. Clearcutting and herbicides will be used to kill everything along the 150 feet wide route.

After crossing the river, the power line will travel south past Holy Cross, ending at a gigantic substation in rural Dubuque County.

Cardinal-Hickory is a collaboration between energy companies in Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin. Their combined corporate strength gives them the power to destroy on a whim. Their route through the refuge is easier than dealing with angry private landowners.

The Driftless Defenders and the Driftless Area Land Conservancy from Dodgeville are the goliaths fighting this energy monster.

Dubuquers, wake up. Your courage and financial support is needed. Protect the Upper Mississippi River and the living creatures around us. They are voiceless and need our help. Oppose the Cardinal Hickory line before it’s too late.

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