Trump and Republican leaders are making our deteriorating climate worse. Republicans deny humans have anything to do with it, and Trump naively says it’ll heal itself.

After Trump said he’d drain the swamp, he appointed a swamp rat to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is now headed by Andrew Wheeler, a coal lobbyist who banned the use of science and refused advice of his own scientists. Some 1,600 people have left or been fired from the EPA, and only 400 have been replaced.

The Trump administration has also rolled back vehicle and power-

plant emission standards and is weakening rules requiring energy companies to find and fix methane leaks. Methane is one of the worst greenhouse-gas generators. The

Republican-led Congress allows these destructive policies while climate change makes natural disasters more harsh and more frequent.

Congressman Rod Blum is deeply in Trump’s pocket, voting in favor of every policy that attacks our environment, and against all environmental protection.

At his last town hall meeting

18 months ago, he expressed misunderstanding about our future when he said, “The planet is getting greener and greener and greener over the last 30 years. The reason for that is plants love carbon dioxide, right? They love carbon dioxide.”

Republicans fiddle while our planet burns, and misinformed

politicians like Blum and Trump ruin our planet. Mother Earth needs our help rather than ignorance.

If we vote to send Blum packing, Abby Finkenauer will help us protect our planetary home.

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