The last four presidents, especially when Barack Obama was president, have been globalists until President Trump came along. After Obama was elected, I said his goal was to bring America to its knees. I knew what he meant when he said we are five days from fundamentally transforming America. The Democratic Party keeps getting more violent and filled with hate for America and God ever since Obama was elected.

Democrats were shocked when Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected. They were hoping to keep turning America into a one world order socialist country. However, Trump threw a wrench in their gears when he became elected. Trump has gone back to “We The People.” He loves our Constitution, freedom, liberty and, most of all, the love for God.


Trump has done more good for America since in office than any other politician has done in a lifetime. That’s why the Democrats, some of the media and some Republicans, have to keep lying and cheating to get him out of office. Democrats know that a lot of voters are like sheep that won’t think on their own. What’s former Vice President Biden done in almost 50 years?

The Constitution was made from the Bible for moral and religious people. Man didn’t give us America, it came from the eyes of God through our founding fathers. Will you pick Trump who is one nation under God? Or will you pick Biden and the Socialist Party who wants God and our nation to go under?