Years ago, when the kids were still home, I used to buy the garbage collection workers a brand new galvanized garbage can each year.

In ‘84, all the kids were gone and our weekly trash went way down, I purchased a 33 gallon plastic container and, using liners, started setting out, maybe a third of a bag weekly. Set the bag on top of the recycle bucket and make one trip out to the curb.

Still using the same 1984 vintage garbage container, and now you want to provide me with a minimum size of 48 gallon, charge more, and I’ll only need to be setting it out to be picked up every four weeks. I don’t think the numbers are working in my favor.


We have our snow shoveled. Since I’m never sure when they are coming or when the snow plow is coming, I always set the garbage on the driveway, away from the street. Without asking, I’m going to assume that will be a no-no.

If the kids were still home, there would be no complaints. But we are two people with very little waste. Right now we could get by very nicely by only setting the recycle bucket out every other week. We’re now paying for the service weekly but using it much less often.