DYERSVILLE, Iowa -- The owners of Dyersville's most-famous landmark are asking fans to help repair the vandalized field.

An online crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise funds to repair the Field of Dreams movie site. The owners seek $15,000 to repair the cornfield-adjacent baseball diamond and install a security system.

The site was damaged Monday night after a vehicle drove onto the field. The vehicle's wheels dug 4-inch deep tracks into the rain-soaked soil, leaving scars that likely will take an entire season to repair.

According to the GoFundMe page, the field's irrigation system was damaged as well. If the campaign is successful, owners will install a security system "to help protect this magical baseball shrine for the 100,000 visitors each season."

More than 3,900 has been raised as of late afternoon today. The page can be accessed at http://bit.ly/2DwERG5.


DYERSVILLE, Iowa — One of cinema’s most iconic baseball fields suffered thousands of dollars in damage this week when a vandal apparently tore up the landscaping with a vehicle.

Denise Stillman, owner of Dyersville’s Field of Dreams movie site, said her team found the damage Tuesday morning. It appears that a vehicle was driven onto the field, causing significant damage.

Stillman said a damage assessment still is underway, but she anticipates repairs will cost thousands of dollars.

“Someone who is disturbed had some agenda to damage the field,” Stillman said. “It’s upsetting.”

Al Steffen, the site’s field manager, said he was called out to the scene in the morning to inspect the damage.

“There are gashes up to four inches deep in the outfield,” Steffen said. “Whoever did it was really able to dig in.”

Steffen said it’s not the first time someone’s driven a vehicle out onto the field. However, the combination of warmer weather and steady rain loosened the soil enough for the vehicle to cause serious damage.

The majority of the damage occurred in center field and left field, he said.

Along with destroyed grass, the field’s sprinkler system was damaged, Steffen said.

“It’s disappointing that this would happen at this time,” Steffen said. “We won’t be able to do anything for months.”

He said a final assessment won’t be available until the seasons change.

“We need to wait until the spring to figure out how much we’re going to need to tear up,” Steffen said.

There are no security cameras on the field. Field officials were not able to identify the vehicle responsible for the destruction, Steffen said.

Although the field will undergo repairs throughout the summer, it will remain open to the public, Stillman said.

“A lot of people travel (from) all over the world to come see the Field of Dreams, and they don’t always check Facebook to make sure we are open,” Stillman said. “We’ll just have to keep operating as is.”

She said she believes it will take an entire season for the field to be completely repaired.

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