Cory A. Bryson

Cory A. Bryson

Police said at least three masked men armed with a golf club and a BB gun assaulted a Dubuque resident in his home Sunday.

One of them, Cory A. Bryson, 20, no permanent address, has been arrested on a warrant charging first-degree burglary, according to authorities.

Court documents made available Tuesday state that Cody M. Dole, 24, of 47 E. 14th St., was attacked in his home at about 4:15 p.m. Sunday while his 5-month-old was present.

Dole told police that someone knocked on his apartment door and, once it was opened, three men wearing bandannas over their faces rushed into his residence. One of them — a juvenile — was carrying a BB gun, while another had a golf club.

Documents stated that Dole and the man with the golf club fought over it, then Dole reached for the BB gun, prompting the boy holding it to flee the home. He said the other two men eventually fled the house as well.

Dole told police that during the struggle, he was punched in the face and chest multiple times and kicked repeatedly.

Dole identified the boy involved as a 15-year-old from the neighborhood, whose name was not released. Documents state that the boy eventually admitted to being involved in the burglary with Bryson and another man he only knew as “Domo.” He said the trio planned to rob Dole.

When Bryson was arrested Monday, he admitted to the burglary and stated he was with the teen, Domo and a fourth man during the crime. It is unclear if other arrests have been made in the case.

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