LANCASTER, Wis. — Lancaster police warned residents of a recent scam attempt in which a woman who believed her grandson was in legal trouble nearly lost $12,000.

According to a post on the Lancaster police Facebook page, a woman, who was not identified by authorities, stopped by the police station to report a scam. She said she had been contacted by a person claiming to be her grandson.

The person, who reportedly sounded similar to her grandson, said he was in a crash in Florida and was in jail. A person posing as his attorney later contacted the woman and instructed her to wire $12,235 for her grandson to post bail.

The woman went to her bank to complete the transaction, but bank workers warned her of the scam, according to the post. She later confirmed her grandson was fine and was unaware of the scam effort.

Police said “these types of scams aren’t new, but don’t seem to be stopping.”

“Scammers are willing to take any measures to convince people they feel are easier targets,” they wrote.

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