If you were ever going to get excited about a gadget for wireless smartphone charging, Moshi’s Symbus Q compact USB-C dock with wireless charging is it.

I’m a fan of multifunctional devices for both the usefulness and functionality and the amount of cords and space it saves by combing multiple devices into one.

One goal of the .57-by-2.83-by-1.26-inch dock is to give your laptop a desktop feel with all the ports and connections you’ll need. Any USB-C laptop can easily be connected to an HDMI monitor through the HDMI port, which supports 4K video and digital surround sound output to supported displays.

A pair of standard USB-A ports can connect most any computer accessory or your charging cable for non-wireless charging devices. Speeds with rates up to 5 Gbps, depending on the device plugged in.

The gigabit ethernet port lets you plug in a wired data cable to transfer up to 1,000 Mbps.

The top of the Symbus Q dock is equipped for Qi enabled wireless charging, even with smartphone cases up to 5 mm thick, the wireless charging will work.

Everything I connected worked plug-n-play without software or even glancing at the instructions. A status LED glows while using Qi wireless charging.

Apple’s 7.5 W and Samsung’s 9 W fast charging is supported, according to the Symbus Q specs on the Moshi site. Fast charging is also supported for USB-C laptops (up to 60 W).

Plus, it looks great with its aluminum casing, topped with a cushioned, non-slip surface for safe charging. A power cord is included.

Details: www.moshi.com, $164.95.

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