Twelve South’s PowerPic wireless charger is true to its name — it’s a wireless charger.

But like many other cool and innovative products through the years from Twelve South, it doesn’t end there.

The desktop charger also is a wireless picture frame, which can display your device’s images on the smartphone’s display while the charging is going on, making it a display piece rather than just a phone sitting on the counter.

Or, as Twelve South describes it, “See a family photo instead of a phone charger or cable.”

For the system to work, your smartphone must be wireless charging enabled. The PowerPic is built for most any Qi-compatible phone, including the latest iPhones, and some Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixels. A list of compatible devices is on the Twelve South site.

The Qi chargers deliver up to 10W of wireless power and will even work through most phone cases up to 3mm thick. A status light on the back will alert you when charging is complete and with its foreign object detections, you’ll be alerted if the charging is being blocked by something in your case (credit card, etc.)

A 5-foot USB-C to USB-A (original) cable to go into your USB wall plug/power source (not included) is included to power the frame. After it’s powered up, your 5-by-7-inch frame made from Zealand Pine (black or white) is ready to go.

Using the PowerPic is simple. Place your smartphone in the frame for charging to complete then you can choose how to display the photos. Run them through a slide show, have a single image or even match an image you put in the frame with an image on the phone. The possibilities are endless, including just putting your phone on for charging or using it as a hands-free stand to watch a movie.

On its own without charging a device, you’ll have a stylish contemporary picture frame, which will blend in nicely in any room. You don’t see the charger itself; it’s built into the frame behind the photo.

A metal stand is included, which also helps hide the power cable running out of the back of the frame.

Details:, $79.99.

Ding dong

Remo+ has announced (and available now) the RemoBell S video doorbell.

The smart home device has a wide field of view, high resolution, motion zone customization and a competitive price.

If you have a doorbell, no new wiring is needed. The RemoBell S gets its power from the existing wires, which operate at voltages between 16 and 24 VAC, allowing for faster-responding motion detection.

For viewing motion recordings captured by the video doorbell, you get three days of free cloud storage; other paid options are available.

According to a recent press release, RemoBell S also features motion zone capabilities. Users can set RemoBell S to send notifications only when movement is detected in their selected motion zone, such as their porch or walkway. This eliminates irrelevant motion alerts from passing cars or pedestrians on the sidewalk.

In addition, RemoBell S offers 180-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles, full HD recording, two-way talk, clear night vision, on-demand view from just about any smart device, bank-level encryption, weather resistance, and integrations with Alexa, Google Home.

Power kit and mounting wedges are also included.

Details:, $99.

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