One thing is for sure: During most of our non-voluntary vacations for the foreseeable future, our screen times will increase, requiring a lot more charging.

It’s hard to conclude what the perfect portable battery is, but if I had to choose, I’d say it’s the myCharge HubTurbo.

The myCharge Hub Turbo batteries have unique portable power features in choices of 6,700 ($89.99) and 10,050mAh ($109.99), which are both built with Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 turbo technologies, allowing devices to be charged up to 75% faster.

Additionally, there’s an integrated Apple Lightning and integrated USB-C cables built into the side of the battery along with a built-in USB port for plugging in a charging cable. Pull out the integrated cables when needed and tuck them back in to prevent damage when they are not needed.

When the battery itself needs charging, fold out the built-in wall prongs to plug into any standard electrical outlet. After the charge, the battery will maintain its power for up to one year. Pass through charging allows the battery to be charged while it’s connected to your device needing the power.

To keep your device charging safely, the myCharge batteries also will ensure complete device compatibility with its smart-sense technology.

Another option from myCharge is the 8,000 mAh rugged outdoor Powerfold portable battery ($59.99) with detachable solar panels, ideal if you’re putting together a disaster kit.

When it’s closed up, the pocket-sized battery is 6.18-by-3-by-0.98-inches, but you want it folded out when the three weather-resistant solar panels with a rubberized finish are needed. About four hours will give it a full charge, which can slightly vary.

The battery can be separated from the solar panels and has a pair of built-in USB ports and a built-in flashlight with SOS and strobe mode for emergency situations.

Charging stand

Logitech’s Powered for iPhone wireless charging stand delivers up to 7.5 W charging for iPhones and 5 W for other Qi certified smartphones. With the iPhone name, that certainly covers those newer models, but it works perfect with other smartphones that share similar dimensions.

A big question that always gets asked regards wireless charging with cases on the phone. Logitech states the charging stand works with non-metal cases up to 3 mm thick that don’t contain magnetic parts. Apple silicon and leather cases are compatible.

To me, what makes this standup charger stand out from others is the U-shaped cradle, which keeps your phone in place at all times at a 65-degree angle, perfect for FaceTime, messaging or surfing. It can be used in charging and viewing in portrait mode in the cradle or landscape mode resting on the top of the cradle.

Using the 4.13-by-3.94-by-2.95-inch desktop charger is as simple as dropping the smartphone in the cradle. There’s also a rubberized surface to prevent phones from falling during alert vibrations.

Everything charges safely with the internal heat sensors, which intelligently manage temperature and prevent overheating. If temperatures start to rise too high, a cool-down process kicks in automatically, eliminating the need for noisy fans, according to Logitech.

Details: $69.99.

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