PLATTEVILLE, Wis. -- The Business Highway 151 Safety Improvement Program project got underway this weekend. Construction began from Staley Avenue (the Platteville Regional Chamber area) and is progressing to the area of Four Seasons Landscaping, according to a post from the City of Platteville.

The intent of the project is to convert two lanes of Business 151 to three from Staley Avenue to Eastside Road and to convert four lanes to three lanes from Eastside Road to the divided four-lane road by A&W. There will be pedestrian accommodations at the Water Street and Eastside Road intersections, along with a pedestrian path from NOVUS to Eastside Road.

An informational meeting on the project is scheduled for 4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9, at the Platteville Regional Chamber of Commerce Building, 275 West Business 151.

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