Dubuque City Council members held a lengthy closed session Monday regarding the evaluation of an employee or employees, but no action was taken after it concluded.

The closed session, during which the council meets without the public present, lasted one hour, 45 minutes. An agenda for Monday’s special meeting had estimated the session would last a half-hour.

That agenda had listed the reason for the closed session as “professional evaluation(s).”

At last week’s council meeting, Council Members Luis Del Toro, Kate Larson, Jake Rios and Brett Shaw voted to enter a closed session for reasons that included professional evaluations. However, such a move required five votes, so it failed when Mayor Roy Buol and Council Members Ric Jones and David Resnick voted against it.


The City Council appoints three city employees — the city manager, city attorney and city clerk — but they have not said which of them have been the focus of recent closed sessions.

No public statements were made after Monday’s closed session, but the Telegraph Herald chatted briefly with several council members, who indicated that the discussion on the topic will continue.

“We have other work to do today,” said Del Toro on Monday. “Our agreement at this point was to schedule another closed session for Wednesday, after we finish goal-setting (sessions, which are scheduled for today and Wednesday) and continue our discussion then.”

Jake Rios said, “Everyone got to say what they wanted. We got through it without screaming at each other.”