State regulators recently denied a Dubuque woman’s request to have her revoked mental-health counseling license reinstated.

Amanda Brune, formerly Amanda Zwack, had her license revoked in 2015, according to court documents, after the Iowa Board of Behavioral Science determined that she failed to disclose that her certification as a substance abuse counselor was permanently revoked 10 years earlier.

Brune was accused in 2005 of having sexual relations with at least one client while serving as a substance abuse counselor in Maquoketa and Clinton, Iowa. In May 2005, her certification was permanently revoked for related violations.

Brune failed to disclose that revocation when she applied in April 2011 to be licensed as a mental health counselor and in two renewal applications, according to documents.

In October 2014, Brune’s license was placed on probation for two years after she received a deferred judgment for an aggravated misdemeanor charge of tampering with records. Brune admitted to billing Medicaid for services provided to a family member during the time she was seeing clients for her employer.

In its recent ruling, the board noted that Brune “does not take full responsibility for her actions,” documents state. “She states she committed Medicaid fraud ‘on paper’ but not ‘intentionally.’ She denies any inappropriate dual relationships.”

The board also noted its concerns that Brune had solicited character references from former clients via social media, according to documents.

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