EAST DUBUQUE, Iowa -- East Dubuque officials are working to apply for a grant to replace lead water lines, but they need to know where they all are.

An online announcement from City Manager Loras Herrig states that the sought-after grant "will cover 100% of the expense to replace the water service line from the city main to the house."

"There will be no charge to the resident," it stated. "It is extremely rare to receive a grant that pays for everything, so we want to take advantage of this opportunity. As part of the application, we need to identify the address of every house that has a lead water line. If we do not include the address of the original application, it will not be funded."

He asked residents to let the city know if they have lead water lines by July 30. Residents who are not sure should call the city at 815-747-3416, and someone will be sent out to inspect the lines. 

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