PEOSTA, Iowa — Peosta City Council members this week approved a $9,000 housing assessment study.

“We really want to meet the housing needs of the community more effectively,” said City Administrator Whitney Baethke. “We know we are not adequately meeting the housing needs of our student population and workforce.”

The Community Housing Assessment Team study will be conducted by RDG Planning and Design.

According to council documents, the study will start with a “pre-site-visit demand analysis” that will consider factors such as the city’s 10-year population forecast, housing affordability and “overall housing demand projections.”

The consultants then will make a site visit that includes meetings with stakeholder groups.

Baethke said city officials hope to set up two stakeholder meetings in March between RDG and local businesses, nonprofits, Realtors, property managers and other residents to receive feedback on what housing options the city lacks.

The study from RDG will include a “market and needs analysis of housing in Peosta” and a strategic plan to address shortcomings.

“We want to continue growing,” Baethke said. “We want to employ smart growth tactics. We want to grow and invest in a strategic market and area that will provide the best area for residents in our community.”