PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — Additional details are coming into focus for the construction of a residential and commercial subdivision adjacent to a Platteville medical provider, a multi-year project that could increase the property’s value by an estimated $30 million.

Southwest Health recently submitted a preliminary plat to the Platteville Common Council for review.

“I am looking forward to this Southwest Health development,” said Council President Barb Daus.

The 27-acre property, which is located adjacent to Eastside Road, is currently rented for crop farming.

The plan for the subdivision calls for installation of a road that extends west from Eastside Road, then splits to the north and south. Construction crews would also extend water and sanitary sewer utilities and storm water mains and add on-site water detention areas.

Five lots are proposed. The two closest to Eastside Road would be used for commercial office space and health-related businesses, such as orthodontics and dental clinics. To the west would be smaller senior housing residences, followed by larger long-term care facilities.

“It’s very much in line with what was intended for that area,” said Community Development Director Joe Carroll.

Southwest Health officials said plans will continue to evolve, and some of the larger lots likely will be subdivided.

The council will deliberate whether to approve the preliminary plat at its upcoming meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

“Their future plans related to some senior housing, and down the road, maybe housing for seniors that need assistance,” Daus said. “I think the placement … next to the health center is excellent.”

If approved, Southwest Health will seek bids for the project, said spokesperson Kelly Jo Fassbinder.

Dan Dreessens, with Delta 3 Engineering, anticipates that construction of utilities and roads could begin in the fall.

To help finance the undertaking, the city has agreed to provide Southwest Health with up to $2.5 million using revenue generated by the special taxing district in which Southwest Health is located.

If the taxing district does not generate new revenue as a consequence of Southwest Health’s investment, the city would pay nothing.

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