Dubuque Elementary Schools

Monday: Meatball marinara or sunbutter and jelly sandwich, green beans and pineapple.

Tuesday: Chicken nuggets with roll or ham and cheese sandwich, potatoes, peaches.

Wednesday: Cheese quesadilla or sunbutter and jelly sandwich, steamed corn, strawberries.

Thursday: Mandarin orange chicken with rice or deli turkey and cheese sandwich, mixed vegetables and baked cinnamon apples.

Friday: Walking taco or sunbutter and jelly sandwich, refried beans and orange wedges.

Dubuque Middle Schools

Monday: Jumbo cheese ravioli with garlic breadstick or barbecue chicken sandwich, garden salad and mandarin oranges.

Tuesday: Philly cheese steak or all-beef hot dog on a bun, broccoli and peaches.

Wednesday: Walking taco with Spanish rice or grilled Italian chicken, refried beans, fruit mix.

Thursday: Macaroni, cheese, garlic breadstick or sloppy joe sandwich, green beans, strawberries.

Friday: Bosco sticks with marinara sauce or barbecue pork sandwich, carrots, pineapple.

Dubuque Public High Schools

Monday: Baked chicken with roll or grilled cheese sandwich, potatoes and pineapple.

Tuesday: Bosco sticks with marinara sauce or grilled Italian chicken, garden salad and mandarin oranges.

Wednesday: Chicken and bean enchilada or all-beef hot dog on a bun, refried beans, pears.

Thursday: Egg roll with fried rice or barbecue pork sandwich, potato wedges and peaches.

Friday: Macaroni, cheese, garlic breadstick or spicy chicken sandwich, coleslaw, fruit salad.

East Dubuque High School

Monday: No school.

Tuesday: French toast with sausage or buffalo chicken wrap, potato smiles, orange wedges.

Wednesday: Mini corn dogs or grilled chicken sandwich, baked beans and apple wedges.

Thursday: Macaroni and cheese with roll or pretzel, cheese, fresh greens, applesauce.

Friday: Cheese pizza or chicken nuggets with roll, peas and mandarin oranges.

Wahlert High School

Monday: Pizza, tossed romaine, sliced pears.

Tuesday: Breakfast sandwich, corn, banana.

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets with roll, mashed potatoes and sliced peaches.

Thursday: Taco twist with garlic toast, broccoli with cheese sauce and pineapple tidbits.

Friday: Mini corn dogs, tater tots, cantaloupe.

Western Dubuque High School

Monday: Chicken alfredo, peas and pears.

Tuesday: Chicken patty, fries and applesauce.

Wednesday: Taco salad, cheesy Mexican rice and fresh oranges.

Thursday: Pork tenderloin, baked beans, fruit.

Friday: No school.

Senior citizens

Alverno Apartments and Ecumenical Tower and Mobile Meals (both 543-7065)

Monday: Baked spaghetti casserole, Italian vegetables and peach crisp.

Tuesday: Chicken, gravy, red potatoes fruit.

Wednesday: Beef, gravy, green beans, cake.

Thursday: Lemon-pepper fish, carrots, fruit.

Friday: Chicken alfredo rotini, broccoli, applesauce.

Lifetime Center (556-3305)

Monday: Salisbury steak, peas, mixed berries.

Tuesday: Tilapia, rice pilaf, cherry cheesecake.

Wednesday: Pork roast with gravy, Harvard beets and fruit cocktail.

Thursday: Liver with onions, potato pancakes and mandarin oranges.

Friday: Chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, peaches.

Windsor Park (582-5100)

Monday: Club sandwich, dessert and drink.

Tuesday: Roast pork, dessert and drink.

Wednesday: Chicken jardiniere, dessert, drink.

Thursday: Bratwurst, kraut, potato, dessert, drink.

Friday: Grilled salmon, dessert and drink.

Golden Meals (815-232-8896)

Monday: Closed.

Tuesday: Lemon-pepper chicken, cheesy potatoes and fresh fruit.

Wednesday: Pepper steak, corn, fresh fruit.

Thursday: Cabbage rolls, glazed carrots, fruit.

Friday: Ham salad sandwich, coleslaw and applesauce.

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