Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman said recently that the sheriff’s department will wait until 2020 to start pursuing out-of-county inmates for the new jail in Lancaster.

The county’s 45 inmates were relocated last month from the old law enforcement center on the north side of the city.

The new county jail has 106 beds, while the old jail has 68.

Dreckman said the county plans to be “aggressive in finding inmates to house from other facilities, including some from the Wisconsin prison system.” County officials hope to generate as much as $250,000 by housing out-of-county inmates.

“We could technically house 106 inmates for a very short period of time,” Dreckman said. “Once we achieve 85% capacity, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections would expect us to start moving inmates out to leave 15% of the beds free. So that means once we’re at 90 inmates, we’d need to start looking at options. If we were to reach that, I think the first step would be to put more work-release inmates out on electronic monitoring.”

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