A state board has sanctioned a man who worked for a Dubuque pharmacy after it determined he was stealing prescription medication.

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy revoked the pharmacy technician trainee registration of Aaron Kirkendall last month for diverting drugs for personal use, according to just- released board documents.

They state that Kirkendall worked for Hartig Drug Co. when the company in June conducted its weekly “controlled-substance inventory cycle counts” and found that 21 tablets of hydromorphone were missing, despite records showing that none had been dispensed in more than one year. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that hydromorphone is a pain reliever that is two to eight times “more potent than morphine but (with) shorter duration and greater sedation.”

Hartig reviewed video surveillance, which showed that on June 12, Kirkendall “lingered in front of the shelf containing hydromorphone,” appears to grab the bottle, moves out of the camera’s view for a period and then places the bottle back.

“Kirkendall then ‘(made) a movement into the pocket of his pharmacy jacket,’” the documents state. “Kirkendall leaves Hartig a few minutes later with his pharmacy jacket on.”

The board reports that Kirkendall could not be located by an investigator for the board.

The documents state the Dubuque Police Department also investigated the theft and that charges have been filed, but that police have been unable to locate Kirkendall.

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