Police said they arrested a Dubuque woman Thursday for threatening a George Washington Middle School administrator — a threat that prompted a brief lockdown.

Candace M. Boots, 37, of 17795 Peru Road, Lot 32, was arrested on charges of second-degree harassment and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Dubuque Police Department Lt. Joe Messerich.

He said school officials and police contacted Boots in connection with an incident at Washington involving her child, who attends school there.

After Boots was contacted by authorities regarding the incident, Boots called the school, according to court documents. Police said Boots spoke with Assistant Principal Brenda Maro, whom she threatened to “punch in the head.”

When Maro asked if Boots was threatening her, Boots allegedly replied, “It’s not a threat. I promise I will (expletive) punch you in the face.”

When Boots arrived at the school, she continued to “yell and scream” at Maro and “walked toward her in an aggressive manner,” according to court documents.

Boots left the property, but was stopped by authorities a short time later. Boots was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia when she was arrested, prompting the second charge, Messerich said.

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