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Family, friends, and members of the community gather during a candlelight vigil for Marlon Barber, 15, who was shot and killed last October in Dubuque.

Many Dubuquers still remember the name Marlon Barber Jr., but fewer will recall Patricia Spahn, Francis Rafferty or Kenneth Bouzard.

These four are among the unsolved killings and missing-persons cases in the past 50 years in the Dubuque area. The Social Justice Committee of the Cathedral of St. Raphael and St. Patrick Church wants to help the community remember these victims and offer prayers for closure and comfort during a ceremony Saturday.

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Sad does not even describe what happened to these people. The ones that done these deeds will burn in hell.


That's very true, and so should those who have information and will not come forward.


Does Dubuque have or have access to a "cold case" unit? Sometimes a fresh set of ears and eyes can make the world of difference. Praying that each of these families will finally get some answers.


All of the cases are sad and tragic. The death of Jackie Shireman and the disappearance of Patricia Spahn were only 40 days apart.


I don't mean to be disrespectful, I think the occurrences were 38 days apart.


We want to thank everyone who keeps bringing up these names and keeping this fresh in people's minds. It is the worst feeling in the world when these things go unsolved.

Shawn Runde (Crystal's sister)!

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