The daughter of a Dubuque woman accused of stealing money from an elderly relative has pleaded guilty to a felony charge.

Anna K. Billmeyer, 18, of 1935 Carter Road, pleaded guilty to second-degree theft last week in Iowa District Court for Dubuque County. Sentencing is set for March 4.

Her mother, Kathryn A. Billmeyer, 53, of 1935 Carter Road, has pleaded not guilty to second- degree theft and dependent adult abuse. Her trial is set for Feb. 12.

Court documents say the two women stole from Kathryn Billmeyer’s aunt, Myrna K. Taylor, 97.

Kathryn Billmeyer was Taylor’s durable power of attorney and had control over her financial accounts. Kathryn Billmeyer is accused of using Taylor’s money for more than $48,000 in purchases from November 2016 to May 2018.

Authorities said Anna Billmeyer used Taylor’s credit card to purchase $1,550.28 worth of items.

Anna Billmeyer took a plea deal that will recommend a deferred judgment with two to five years of probation. Should she successfully complete probation, the conviction would not go on her record.

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