A Dubuque man faces felony charges after police said he recorded himself choking and biting a baby and tossing the child across a room.

Nicholas F. Beversdorf, 19, of 931 Garfield Ave., was arrested recently at his residence on a warrant charging willful injury and child endangerment causing injury. He made an initial court appearance Tuesday.

Court documents obtained Tuesday state that officers responded on Aug. 20 to the home of Cheyenne Lynn Taylor-Kunkel, 22, of 3230 Getty Terrace, No. 204, to investigate a report of an injured child. Taylor-Kunkel told authorities that a 1-year-old girl had been injured while in Beversdorf’s care for a little more than two hours.

Officers met with the girl’s mother, Ashley A. Gregory, 21, who said that Beversdorf agreed to watch the baby while Gregory attended an eye appointment.

When Gregory returned home and Beversdorf left, she noticed the baby’s diaper was wet and not properly positioned. She also observed “a red mark similar to a handprint” on the back of the baby’s leg, according to documents. The baby also had “redness and bruising to the left and right side of her forehead, a swollen upper lip and scratch marks on her upper chest.”

The baby also was wearing different clothes than when Gregory had left for the appointment.

Gregory and her sister took the baby to Taylor-Kunkel’s residence, and they contacted police.

Taylor-Kunkel told police that she attempted to stop by Gregory’s apartment while the other two women were gone, but Beversdorf refused to let her in. Taylor-Kunkel recalled hearing the baby crying when she was outside of the window, but she could not see into the residence.

Police interviewed Beversdorf on Sept. 16. He told authorities that he believed that the baby’s injuries resulted from her falling off a plastic slide, hitting a book and then a table leg.

Police executed a search warrant on Friday on Beversdorf’s cellphone. Investigators found three videos that Beversdorf recorded that showed him choking the baby twice, carrying her by her hair, biting her head and throwing her across a room.

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