CORRECTED: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that horns were required on ATVs and UTVs.

All-terrain and utility vehicles now are allowed on roadways overseen by Dubuque County. 

The new ordinance is in effect after it was printed this morning in the three official county newspapers: the Telegraph Herald and its sister publications the Dyersville Commercial and Cascade Pioneer.

County supervisors last month approved a new ordinance allowing ATVs and UTVs on most county roadways. Previously, such vehicles were allowed only for agricultural uses.


The new ordinance covers roads overseen by Dubuque County. Cities still decide whether the vehicles are allowed in city limits.

The elements of the ordinance include:

  • Drivers 18 years or older can operate an ATV or UTV on permitted county roads, so long as they possess a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance.
  • The vehicles are permitted on county roadways from 5 a.m. to sunset. Riders also must abide by a speed limit of 35 mph.
  • The vehicles also must have lit headlights and taillights.
  • Ordinance violations constitute a simple misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $65 to $625 and up to 30 days in jail. Offenses such as operating under the influence or speeding are subject to existing state penalties pertaining to all motor vehicles.
  • The ordinance includes a sunset date of June 30, 2022.