A Dubuque man was arrested Tuesday after police said he yelled at his brother’s girlfriend while holding a butcher knife.

Brandon M. Harkey-Ostrander, 31, of 1981 Deborah Drive, was arrested at 1:45 p.m. Tuesday at his residence on a charge of assault while displaying a weapon.

Court documents state that Daveigh B. McClain, 18, is the girlfriend of Harkey-Ostrander’s brother, Benjamin Hoffman, 19, and all three are among the people living at the residence. McClain went into the basement to check the kitty litter box on Tuesday when she encountered Harkey-Ostrander, who was sitting on the couch in the basement.

“Brandon quickly armed himself with a large kitchen butcher knife (approximately 10” blade), pointed the tip of the knife at Daveigh and said, ‘Keep those cats away from me!’” documents state.

McClain told police that she was afraid that Harkey-Ostrander might stab her.

Police reported that Harkey-Ostrander admitted to grabbing the knife, but he denied committing an assault.

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