BOSCOBEL, Wis. — A Wisconsin state trooper pulled an intoxicated man from the edge of the U.S. 61 Wisconsin River Bridge early Saturday morning near Boscobel — a potentially life-saving grasp caught on the trooper’s dashcam video.

“An extremely intoxicated” man called 911 at 1:27 a.m. while sitting on the edge of the bridge overpass, according to the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The post states that a 911 operator for the Grant County Sheriff’s Department continued speaking with the man until a trooper could approach the man and safely pull him off the bridge edge. Video shows the man continuing to speak on the phone as the trooper approaches. The trooper then grabs him and pulls him to safety from the bridge’s edge.


The man was turned over to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department. After additional evaluation, the man was transported “to a responsible party,” according to the post.

Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman stated that “things like this happen on a daily basis and citizens in Wisconsin should be proud of the great work our men and women in uniform do each day.”

Dreckman also states that the dispatcher “made the extra effort to keep this young man on the phone until the trooper got on scene.”

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