MANCHESTER, Iowa — A portion of the Iowa 13 road construction project has been deemed noncompliant.

As a result, funds are being withheld from the contractor, and there is the possibility that some of the work will need to be redone, according to the project’s engineering firm.

According to a letter submitted by Fehr Graham to the Manchester City Council, there currently is a change order for a decrease of $24,685.91 due to the noncompliant plain cement concrete placement along the south side of West Main Street.


Fehr Graham’s Ryan Wicks said they will make the contractor redo any portion of the project that they don’t feel has been completed to standards or satisfaction.

According to the letter, Fehr Graham held a meeting with contractor Pirc- Tobin, and its subcontractor, Midwest Concrete, two weeks ago to discuss “continued poor work and the need for better planning and compliance from Midwest moving forward.”