Police said two Dubuque men were arrested for growing marijuana in their apartment after their operation was found following a crash into a bar.

Stephen D. Bird, 36, and Christian R. Geist, 45, both of 53½ Locust St., were arrested between 12:50 and 1 a.m. Friday at their residence on warrants charging possession of marijuana with intent to manufacture or deliver.

Court documents state that the Dubuque Drug Task Force was called to the residence on Oct. 11 after firefighters “observed what they believed to be a marijuana grow operation inside that apartment.” Firefighters saw the operation while evacuating the building in which the apartment is located because a truck crashed into The Southend Tap, 55 Locust St., causing a gas leak and putting a significant hole in the building.

“(Bird and Geist) both claimed they had just recently started growing marijuana because it was cheaper than buying marijuana,” documents state. “They denied selling marijuana, and both stated they only grow it for their own personal use.”

Bird and Geist allowed investigators to search their apartment, where a tent and seven large marijuana plants were found.

“Investigators also observed lighting, fans, an exhaust filtration system, a humidifier and water,” documents state.

In addition, 32 grams of marijuana were found in a baggie and jar, documents state. Other drug paraphernalia also was located.

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