CASCADE, Iowa — Cascade City Council members recently met with the public library board to discuss the latter’s plans for moving forward with plans for a new library.

The current, 2,100-square-foot library is about 50 years old.

Some City Council members have expressed concerns over the toll a new library building would take on the city budget, both for initial construction and increased maintenance costs.

Library board members clarified an openness to build a new library in areas outside of downtown and requested the ability to conduct research in the community regarding how strong the desire for a new library is and the fundraising possibilities.

Library board President Amy Ludwig said, “We are asking to submit a contracted FEH Design firm to the city attorney to be reviewed. This design company called Design Sparks conducts meetings in the community, but we’ve been visiting with the Town of Ely, who they just completed a contract, so we’ve been contacting them for feedback. We just want a contract to be reviewed right now.”

The measure was approved by City Council members.

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