Archbishop Michael Jackels returned to ministry this week — six weeks after he suffered a heart attack, the Archdiocese of Dubuque announced Friday.

“This week, I received a report from the cardiologist that my heart has recovered, and so I may return to ministry and car-driving,” wrote Jackels in a letter.

Jackels, who has served as archbishop since May 2013, had his heart attack on May 3.

Surgeons installed a pair of stents in Jackels after the heart attack, according to a post authored shortly after the incident by the Rev. Nils de Jesus Hernandez, the pastor of the Trinity Cluster of Parishes.

In Jackels’ letter released Friday, he thanks residents for their prayers, writing that “God heard and responded, ‘Yes.’”

He also wrote, “The doctor would have me follow a diet and exercise regimen and learn how to deal appropriately with stress. I am going to need divine assistance to carry that out!”

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