A photo shared by a Dubuque credit union of a black bear wandering through the banking lot of a local branch has gone viral.

DuTrac Community Credit Union shared the photo this morning on social media.

"We can BEARly believe it, but folks at our Peru Road location had a surprise visitor this morning," read the caption of the photo of the bear. 

By mid-afternoon, the Facebook post with the image had been shared more than 1,600 times. 

The photo is the latest in the area of a black bear and supports the assertion of Brian Preston, Dubuque County Conservation Board executive director, that a black bear is now a resident of the area. 

“He has been here about a year,” Preston told the Telegraph Herald recently. “People have been updating us as it moves around.”

Black bears are considered native to Iowa, but their numbers were severely depleted since human settlement increased after the mid-1800s. Until recently, most black bears sighted in the area were visitors.

He said that although the bear poses a low risk to humans, residents should give it space.

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