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Owner Sandy Russell (from right) completes a sale on Saturday for Ann Trebian, Vicki Trebian and Jim Trebian, all of Madison, Wis., at Ila Rose Gifts and Floral in Shullsburg, Wis. Video:

Biz Buzz shares business tidbits from the tri-state area. This week, we highlight businesses in Shullsburg, Wis. and Dubuque.

SHULLSBURG, Wis. — Before members of the Russell family opened their new business in Shullsburg, they turned to past generations for a little bit of inspiration.

Sandy Russell said she and her husband, Bruce, were struggling to come up with a name for their new gift and floral shop. That is when their daughter, Maria, chimed in with a winning idea.

“My daughter suggested we name the business Ila Rose,” Sandy said. “The moment she said it, I just knew that was it.”

Russell said Ila is the name of Bruce’s maternal grandmother, while Rose was the name of her maternal grandmother.

Both monikers have been memorialized with the launch of Ila Rose Gifts & Floral, which opened its doors at 246 W. Water St. in late July.

The shop sells wall hangings, pottery, furniture and a variety of “comfort and care” items, including lotions, shampoos and lip balms. Employees at Ila Rose Gifts & Floral also can create a variety of fresh and silk flower arrangements, which can be customized to meet the customers’ needs.

Ila Rose is the second downtown business operated by the Russells. Sandy and Bruce also own Kingsley Crossing, which is located next door at 236 W. Water St.

Sandy Russell said the initial response to the new family business has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m happy to say we sold out of some items so quickly that we had some empty wall space,” she said with a laugh. “We had to go on a buying spree to fill it back up. That’s a great problem to have.”

Ila Rose Gifts & Floral is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. The business can be reached at 608-965-8505.


Nearly five years after opening its doors, a downtown Dubuque arts and entertainment business has closed.

Pinot’s Palette, 955 Main St., closed in late July, according to owner Kerry Bowman. The business took customers step-by-step through the painting process, providing them with an educational experience as well as a piece of art they could bring home.

Bowman cited concerns about rent prices as the primary reason for the closure. She said an inability to find workers in today’s tight labor market also was a contributing factor.

“It was really hard (to close) and there were a lot of tears shed,” said Bowman. “I wish we could have stayed open longer, but things didn’t work out that way.”

Pinot’s Palette is a franchise based in Houston. When Bowman opened the Dubuque location, it was among the early local adopters of the “paint and sip” phenomenon.

Customers could take part in group painting classes while bringing their own beverages into the studio. Bowman took pride in the fact that her business was bringing a new brand of entertainment to Dubuque.

“It was something different from the bar scene and, throughout the years, Dubuque was so supportive,” she said.

Bowman said she will return to a career in teaching in the coming school year.


A Platteville, Wis.-based architectural and engineering firm is the latest business to establish roots in Dubuque’s Millwork District.

Delta 3 began operating at 898 Jackson St. in the final week of July. Company President Scott Chyko said five employees currently work out of that office and another 13 eventually will occupy the facility.

Chyko said the historic warehouse district was a big draw for the firm.

“There is an energy down here that is hard to explain, but you can definitely feel it,” said Chyko. “It is a great area and a nice place to be.”

The arrival of Delta 3 will breathe new life in the century-old structure, which was built in 1890 and housed Key City Iron Works for decades.

Delta 3 occupies the entirety of the two-story portion of the building, which spans about 3,000 square-feet. Within this space, there are multiple nods to the building’s past.

Pictures of the structure’s original occupants are framed upon the wall. A restored lathe has been converted into a table in Delta 3’s conference room.

Delta 3 also has renovated a pair of one-story spaces connected to the main building. Chyko said these portions of the structure will be occupied by other tenants and could be used for everything from office space to a retail business.

Founded in 2003, Delta 3 began with five employees working out of an unfinished space in the Platteville Business Incubator building. Today, the business employs 30 people in Platteville.

Chyko said the firm will continue to operate out of Platteville. While a small number of employees will relocate from Platteville to Dubuque, the vast majority of employees in the Millwork District will be new hires.

Delta 3 can be reached at 608-348-5355.

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