Top policy priorities for the Dubuque City Council include supporting a local nonprofit that serves area youth, preparing for major street projects and continuing efforts to mitigate the effects of an invasive beetle. 

Council members this morning released a list of policy priorities and management goals. The list was the product of lengthy goal-setting sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It will be used to help guide city initiatives in the coming years. 

The council's 2019-2021 top priorities are:

  • Dream Center: Facilities and programs
  • Emerald ash borer program
  • Human resources policies and handbook revision
  • Imagine Dubuque: Implementation
  • Major street improvement plan: Project priority and funding
  • Parking ramp maintenance: Funding

The council's 2019-2021 high priorities include:

  • Brain health strategy and action plan
  • Debt reduction plan: Re-affirmation
  • Fountain of Youth: Funding
  • Four Mounds/HEART Program: Funding
  • Street maintenance program: Increased funding
  • Transit vehicle replacement funding.

The goal-setting session also produced a list of management priorities for city employees. The top priorities for 2019 to 2021 are: 

  • Bee Branch Creek projects: Next steps
  • CHANGE Program: True North Housing Initiative and Bee Branch Healthy Homes Resiliency program
  • Equitable poverty prevention: Action plan
  • Industrial park development
  • Leisure Services facilities deferred maintenance assessment
  • Multi-tiered housing inspection program
  • Park development projects for non-tax-increment-financing, donated park sites
  • Traffic signal synchronization/STREETS: Funding

The high priorities for 2019 to 2021 are: 

  • Citywide departmental work order system implementation
  • Dubuque riverfront master plan
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial strategy
  • School resource officer: Implementation
  • Southwest Arterial business development
  • Water and Resource Recovery Center: Nutrient trading
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