Dubuque Urban Revitalization District.

Downtown Dubuque residents who made improvements to their property this year must act quickly to qualify for tax exemptions under the city’s expanded urban revitalization district.

Such property owners must apply by Tuesday, Dec. 10. To apply or for more information, call 563-589-4239 or visit www.cityofdubuque.org/urbanrevitalization.

City Council members last month voted to consolidate and expand the city’s urban revitalization areas into one district covering the entire downtown. The move was an effort to upgrade housing and building conditions downtown.

The expansion means more Dubuque residents will be eligible for a tax break if they improve their property.

The new area combines the Jackson Park, West 11th Street, Washington Neighborhood, Upper Main, Stout Place, Langworthy, Old Main, Cathedral, Paragon Square, Garfield Place, Manassah House, and Salvia House districts.

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