A Dubuque man was sentenced to 25 days in jail after police said he broke another man’s nose, caused head injuries that required stitches and continued to punch him after he was unconscious.

Kyle L. Hingtgen, 29, recently was sentenced in Iowa District Court of Dubuque County to one year in jail, with all but 25 days suspended, and one year of probation after pleading guilty to a charge of assault causing injury. A charge of disorderly conduct was dismissed.

Court documents state that Hingtgen had a “heated discussion” with Casey A. Stotts, of Hazel Green, Wis., inside Next Phase bar, 1700 Central Ave., shortly after midnight on June 18.

Stotts’ boyfriend, Timothy I. Marcov, also of Hazel Green, came near the two and “ended up flicking Hingtgen’s ear.” Hingtgen pushed Marcov.

Documents state that Stotts and Marcov were kicked out of the bar and were talking outside when Hingtgen also was kicked out. Surveillance video showed Hingtgen “immediately rushed Marcov and began punching him numerous times.” Marcov punched back “in self-defense,” but Hingtgen knocked Marcov to the ground, “where he struck the back of his head on a cement curb.”

“Marcov was knocked unconscious upon striking the curb, at which point Hingtgen continued to punch him about the body and face,” documents state.

The video showed people pulling Hingtgen off Marcov, at which point Stotts punched Hingtgen.

Police said it appeared that Hingtgen then punched Stotts in the head.

Marcov required stitches in his head and had a broken nose, according to documents.

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