CASCADE, Iowa — Cascade City Council members recently revised the ordinance regulating the use of all-terrain and utility vehicles in the city.

Council Member Andy Kelchen, who serves on the ATV/UTV Committee, explained the committee’s recommendations to the council.

“In order to try to include Jones County and Dubuque County, since we’re in the middle of two counties, we talked about the hours of operation,” he said.

He explained that Jones County and Cascade each allow 24-hour operation, while Dubuque County does not. Jones County does not require a reflective flag, while Dubuque County does.


“To allow people to come in from Jones County, we are removing our flag ordinance,” said Kelchen. “But we’re adding in there that headlights have to be on during all hours of operation to become more visible. It’s under the understanding that if you were to leave town via Dubuque County, that it requires a flag a foot over the top of the cab, so you have to follow Dubuque County ordinances if it’s outside the Cascade city limits.

Cascade also is dropping the need for inspections, as other counties require a Department of Natural Resources sticker be on the back of the vehicle, and that the owner shows proof of ownership through the county treasurer if they don’t have one.

Drivers still will have to be at least 18 years old to operate such a vehicle in Cascade.