MARQUETTE, Iowa — Authorities on Wednesday successfully fished out a long-submerged vehicle from the Mississippi River at Marquette.

Nothing suspicious was found inside, but how the vehicle ended up underwater near the city boat ramp still remains a mystery, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department reported Thursday.

The vehicle was first noticed underwater in 2017 by a local fisherman using side-imaging sonar, and it was initially examined that November by a dive unit from La Crosse County, Wis., though it could not be retrieved, a press release states.

“Over almost the next three years, river stage levels and environmental restrictions have prevented further attempts,” it states.


But low river levels and stable conditions allowed the vehicle — a 1985 Lincoln Town Car — to be pulled from the river Wednesday.

How it got there still remains a mystery. And while it had been underwater for at least three years, it could have been much longer.

Authorities reported that the car was last registered in Wisconsin in 2007.