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Newspaper of the Year


General excellence
Best of class advertising — “North Star Veterinary Clinic,” Wendy Vosberg
Best breaking news story — “MLB to return to Field of Dreams,” Jeff Montgomery
Best news feature story — “Grandmas for Greg,” Bennet Goldstein
Best sports story --”Buddies converge in Dubuque for 7th ‘The Cup,’” Steve Ortman
Best breaking news photo — Dave Kettering
Coverage of business — Jeff Montgomery
Best COVID-19 coverage — Bennet Goldstein
Best headline writing
Best use of graphics — Mike Day
Best video — Paul Kurutsides
Best slideshow — Steve Gassman
Best ad designer — Jenna Valenti
Best ad featuring grocery, food and entertainment — “Coconut Cove Beach Club & Resort,” Wendy Vosberg
Best ad featuring financial, insurance or other professional service — “North Star Veterinary Clinic,” Wendy Vosberg
Best advertising series or campaign featuring any service or merchandise category — “Helker Jewelry,” Wendy Vosberg
Best advertising idea for a community promotion or event — “Thirsty Thursday Couch Concert Series,” Jodi Dodd
Best ad featuring agriculture — “Kassmaul Seeds,” Tricia Nelson

Newspaper of the Year


Best of class advertising — “Coconut Cove Beach Club & Resort,” Wendy Vosberg
Best editorial pages
Best front page — Mike Day and Copy Desk
Coverage of education — Allie Hinga
Best slideshow — Dave Kettering
Best news photo — Jessica Reilly
Best use of social media
Best sports story — “The ultimate reward,” Tim O’Neill
Best series — “A Life Remembered,” Bennet Goldstein
Best ad featuring automotive, boats, aircraft, tires, gasoline, etc. — “Turpin of Dubuque,” Marty Corfman

Newspaper of the Year


Total newspaper design
Best feature pages — Mike Day and Anthony Frenzel Best video — Paul Kurutsides, Mike Day and Dave Kettering Best slideshow — Dave Kettering and Steve Gassman Best newspaper marketing — “Telegraph Herald Testimonial Campaign,” Michelle Schmidt Best sports feature story — “Still swinging for the fences,” Danny Miller Best series — “Stained-glass church series,” Michelle London Best continuing coverage — “MLB comes to eastern Iowa,” TH staff Best news feature photo — Dave Kettering



General Excellence - First Place
BestAdFeaturingGrocery-Food-Entertainment - First Place
BestAdFeaturingFinancial-Insuranceor - First Place
Other Professional Service
Best Advertising Series or Campaign Featuring - First Place
Any Service or Merchandise Category
BestAdvertisingIdeaforaCommunity - First Place
Promotion or Event
Best Ad Featuring Agriculture - First Place
Best Ad Designer - First Place
Best of Class Daily 2 - First Place
Best of Class Daily 2 - Second Place
Best Ad Featuring Automotive-Boats-Aircraft - Second Place
Best Ad Featuring Grocery-Food-Entertainment - Third Place
Best Newspaper Marketing - Third Place