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Classified ads, Help Wanted ads and job postings, Service Directory and Your Neighbors ads

TH Classifieds Department 563-588-5600


TH Legal Department 563-588-5600

Local Advertising

Andy Kamentz Account Executive 563-588-5699
Wendy Vosberg Account Executive 563-588-5606
Chuck Spielman Account Executive 563-588-5661
Marty Corfman Account Executive 563-588-3821

National Advertising

Ryan Rogers Advertising Sales Coordinator 563-588-5694 Investment Inquiries

Marty Corfman Account Executive 563-588-3821

Advertising Management

Mike Fortman Group Director of Advertising 563-588-5740
Luke Rodham Retail Advertising Manager 563-588-5680
Tricia Nelson Classified Supervisor 563-588-5612