The West Side Gymnastics team competed at the AAU State Meet in April at Performance Elite Gymnastics Center in La Crosse, Wis. The District State Championship included athletes from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. The West Side Gymnastics Xcel Platinum Team took second with a 102.7 score.

West Side’s top finishers included:

XCEL Platinum Age 16-17 — Meredith Gatto won state championships on beam (8.925), floor (8.875), and all-around (34.2). Meredith Gatto also placed runner-up on bars (7.9) and third on vault (8.5). Hannah Miller took home the uneven bars state title (8.05) and placed runner-up on vault (8.55), beam (8.125), and all-around (32.65). Elise Gatto placed runner-up on floor (8.825) and third on beam (8.075) and all-around (32.625).

XCEL Platinum Age 14-15 — Valarie Schuster placed third in bars (8.05) and all-around (33.625). She also placed fourth in floor (8.575), and fifth in vault (8.6) and beam (8.4).

XCEL Platinum Age 11-13 —Aubrey Schlichte won the state championship on beam (8.85), was fourth in all-around (33.575), sixth on bars (7.8), and sixth on floor (8.55). Claire Brosius placed runner-up on floor (9.125), fourth on beam (8.325), and fifth in all-around (33.25). Ellaynna Palmer placed fourth on floor (8.75), sixth on vault (8.55), and eighth in all-around (32.5).

Xcel Gold Age 13A — Isabelle Donar brought home state championships on beam (9.0) and floor (9.225) along with third on vault (8.75) and all-around (34.175). Age 13B: Madison Esser won the state title on floor (8.975), was runner-up on beam (9.10), vault (8.95) and all-around (35.5) along with third on bars (8.5). Age 14: Madison Fox placed third on floor (9.225) and beam (8.375).

Xcel Gold Age 12 — Morgan Bills became a state champion of floor (9.075) at her first state meet. Kaylee Carley was state runner-up on floor (8.9) along with fourth on beam (8.0), fifth on vault (8.5), and fifth in all-around (32.7) in her first state competition.

Xcel Gold Age 11 — Elizabeth Anthony was state runner-up on vault (8.8) along with fourth on bars (8.55), beam (8.275) and all-around (34.025). Kenzie Kieffer placed fifth on beam (7.85) in her first state competition.

Xcel Gold Age 10 — Sadie Culbertson placed state runner-up on vault (8.575) and floor (8.55), along with placing third on beam (8.775) and fifth in all-around (33.2). Lily Donar placed fifth on floor (8.375) in her first state competition.

Xcel Gold Age 8/9 — In her first state meet, Kaylee Ward won titles on floor (9.05) and beam (8.775) along with third in all-around (34.35), fourth on bars (8.225) and fifth on vault (8.3). Leah Davis had an exciting first state meet finishing state runner-up in vault (8.775) and beam (8.675) along with third on floor (8.825) and fourth in all-around (33.975). Kinley Weiser placed third on bars (8.5), fourth on floor (8.7), fifth on vault (8.3), fifth on beam (8.27) and fifth in all-around (33.775) in her first state competition. Payton Bills placed seventh on beam (8.05) and ninth in all-around (31.175) in her first state meet.

Level 7 — Autumn Wiedenman placed fourth on floor (9.075), and fifth in the all-around (31.2).

Level 8 — Audrianne Freese placed runner-up in vault (8.825). She also placed fourth on beam (8.075), floor (9.15), and all-around (33.35).

Team coaches for West Side include Deb Donar, Jenny Donar, Trisha Brosius, Joseph Budde, Sarah Smith, Angela Lochner, Jessica Dvorak, and Valarie Weiser.

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