Western Dubuque senior Sara Horsfield carries a 210.90 game average this season.

Even Sara Horsfield is surprised with how her senior bowling season has been going.

The Telegraph Herald Athlete of the Week ranks sixth in the state, regardless of class, with a 210.90 game average and a two-game series average of 421.80 for the Western Dubuque bowling team.

“The year she is having is just unbelievable,” first-year head coach Larry Knipper said. “She has been extremely consistent and has been a real blessing to me with it being my first year with the program. She’s a wonderful leader and an ideal captain for this team.”


After bowling a 182 average last season, Horsfield said she has been pleasantly surprised with her scores this season.

“I can’t believe that I’ve been bowling a 200 average this year,” she said. “It’s very rewarding for me and adds to the pressure of keeping it there. I’m a very competitive person, and that’s what makes the sport so fun.”

Horsfield is a four-year varsity bowler for the Bobcats, and has been bowling competitively since she was 7 years old.

“I am pretty much bowling year round,” she said. “My older sister went to state and that has been a goal of mine. I would love to see myself reach that goal this year.”

During her first meet this season, Horsfield bowled a game high of 265 and a series high 220-265—485 against Waterloo.

“That was probably the highlight of my season so far, because I threw my best series and game,” Horsfield said. “I remember my freshman year I came in not being confident at all, and I have progressed so much since then. Hard work definitely pays off.”

Knipper knew Horsfield was a special player from the first ball he saw her throw.

“Sara throws a nice ball and she stood out to me right away as the leader of the team,” Knipper said. “She’s the type of person you want the other girls to watch and learn from.”

Horsfield has had goals of being a team captain since she was a little girl.

“Growing up, I just wanted that title one day,” she said. “I love knowing that the other girls are watching me and have trust in me.”

Knipper said having Horsfield on the team made his transition to a new program a smooth one.

“It was such a blessing to have her there to help me communicate with everyone right away,” he said. “She gets along well with everyone and she makes everyone feel welcome; in my nine years of coaching both boys and girls, she is the most talented bowler I’ve ever coached.”