Sundown Mountain welcomed a record number of competitors for the Wisconsin Illinois Iowa Junior Alpine Racing Association event it hosted this weekend.

Nearly 400 racers completed nearly 2,000 race runs and the hosts won the overall title. Sundown finished second in the giant slalom discipline on Saturday and won the slalom competition on Sunday.

On Saturday, Sundown totaled 712 points and was just 12.5 points shy of first-place Cascade Mountain. Sundown had 69 race runs earn points and 39 medals awarded.

They included: Ryland Murphy, Tinley Knopp, Celia Scherr, Rory Higgins, Nick Obbink, Charlie Justmann, Taylor Davis, Mason Gansen, Spencer Rea, Jake Woodward, Scarlette Newt, Karina Bonnet, Haley Mills, Levi Weinberger, John Fitzpatrick, Kayle Murphy, Mallory Rea, Isabella Bonnet, Brady Mills, Blake Wickham, Addison Splinter, Madison Davis, Kyla Higgins, Miles Lange, Brayden Wickham, Nate Obbink, Olivia Mills, Alanna Meyer, Carly Stowe, Josie Andre, Liam Krausman, Tom Scherr, Brayden Splinter, Caleb Perreard, Addison Hutchcroft, Michael Van Meter, Payton Knopp, Clara Wagner, Josie Andre and Benjamin Weinberger.

On Sunday, Sundown scored 685.5 points and finished 113.5 points ahead of Cascade. Sundown had 68 racers earn points and 36 medals awarded.

They included: Ryland Murphy, Nick Obbink, Tinley Knopp, Celia Scherr, Mason Gansen, Tom Scherr, Charlie Justmann, Scarlette Newt, Isabella Bonnet, Brady Mills, Miles Lange, Blake Wickham, Jake Woodward, Spencer Rea, Karina Bonnet, Kyla Higgins, Brayden Wickham, Alanna Meyer, Haley Mills, Mallory Rea, Brayden Splinter, Levi Weinberger, Walker Newt, Michael Van Meter, Taylor Davis, Ashton Gansen, Joey Mills, Bodie Ludovissy, Olivia Mills, Kayle Murphy, Addison Splinter, Josie Andre, Liam Krausman, Dakota Volkens, Clara Wagner, Claire Walker, Rory Higgins, Nate Obbink, Carly Stowe, Madison Davis and Michael Van Meter.

Sundown had four more racers earn “bump-up” status. This weekend, last weekend at Cascade, or in the season opener at Chestnut, they took at least two first-place finishes in their age division and the next race they will bump-up and race in the next older age division. Nick Obbink bumped from U18 to race in U20, Celia Scherr bumped from U10 to U12, Tinley Knopp bumped from U8 to U10 and Ryland Murphy bumped from U8 to U10.

The season ends in two weeks at Tyrol Basin in Wisconsin.