Hey Ben, your bias is showing. The income tax cut "pushed through" by the Republican majority is a great thing.

But but but, the constitution was written during the time of muskets and blah blah blah.

Rising? The guy's been around since 2013, he's not going to rise any higher than he is (which isn't very high).

Durrr, my party controls the Presidency, the Senate, and the House for the last 2 years...but Trump is to blame for their terrible job! This is the world we live in today folks.

Franken's integrity? The guy was literally applauding Rand Paul's attacker in a 2021 tweet. The guy has no integrity.

Grassley hasn't changed in recent years, the TH has moved further left.

Please tell me that David doesn't really think "working families" means the family needs to work together? Please?