The Dickeyville Grotto attracts more than 25,000 visitors each year.

Cuba City calls itself the City of the Presidents. Hanging on light poles are large red, white and blue shields sporting every president’s name and silhouette of his profile.

Where to start Dickeyville Grotto, 305 W. Main St., Dickeyville. It was built from 1925 to 1930 out of stone, mortar and bright colored objects from all over the world as a tribute to the love of God and love of country. Contact dickeyvillegrotto.com.

Where to stay and playThe Wisconsin Wood INN, 224 S. Main St., Dickeyville, 608-568-7996; Plaza Motel, 203 S. Main St., Dickeyville, 608-568-7562.

Hazel Green Opera House, 2130 Main St., Hazel Green, 608-732-6404. Home to the Fever River Puppeteers, it will host three more shows this season with multiple performances. For more information, visit hazelgreenoperahouse.blogspot.com.

St. Rose Turkey Dinner, takes place annually in early November at St. Rose School, 218 N. Jackson St. Cuba City. Family-style ham and turkey dinner. For more information, call 608-744-2120.

OutdoorsSinnipee Valley Vineyard & Winery, 4547 Timber Lane, 608-568-3212. It’s not too far from Kieler, which is about 15 minutes west of Cuba City. After a drink, try out the popular pizza at Gooch’s Greenhouse, 608-568-3040, in Kieler, or head back to Cuba City for a snack at Gile Cheese, 116 N. Main.

Coconut Cove Beach Club & Resort, 1549 Bluff Road, Hazel Green, 608-748-5480. Tucked away among the bluffs and near the Mississippi River, down the road from Birchwood Golf Course, 3976 Eagle Point Road.

Where to eatRed’s Supper Club, 27569 Wisconsin 81, 608-748-4687; Nick’s Cafe, 119 S. Main St., Cuba City, 608-744-3424; Shultzies Supper Club, 108 S. Main St., Dickeyville, 608-568-3754.

More on Cuba City: tiny.cc/3jhkjy

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